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Our product range includes one- and two-sided circuit boards, multilayered up to 24 layers, in rigid and flexible forms also. According to customer request, we can use special materials for the production, like Alu- and Cu-core, Teflon, High-Frequency-Rogers etc.

Properties Technical possibilities
Circuit board types one- and double-sided boards, multilayer, Flex, Teflon, high-frequency, metal core, ...
Number of layers up to 24 layers
Base materials - FR4, FR4 halogenfree, CEM1, CEM3
- HF-boards
- High-Tg Epoxy
- Alu
- PTFE, Rogers, Arlon, Nelco, Polyimide
Max. board size 610 mm x 535 mm ( 535mm x 810mm )
Board thickness 0,20 mm – 4,0 mm
Inner layer thickness 0,10 mm – 1,6 mm
Min. conductive track width and min. track distance 50 μm
Copper coating thickness of the outer layers 12 μm – 105 μm, 210 μm, 400 μm
Copper coating thickness of the inner layers 12 μm – 105 μm
Drill diameter 0,15 mm – 6,40 mm
Drill diameter (plated) 0,10 mm – 6,35 mm
Metallization Aspect Ratio 12 : 1
Blind VIAS Aspect Ratio 1 : 1
Solder stop mask green - mat and glossy, black - mat and glossy, white, blue, red, yellow (min. distance 50 µm )
Legend printing white, green, yellow, black, red, blue
Removable solder stop mask Peters blue
Vias / filler with Solder stop or filler lacquer
Carbon Print 40 Ohm ± 5%
End coating HAL lead-free
chemical NiAu ( ENIG)
chemical Ag
chemical Sn
Hard gold
Tolerance milling ± 0,05 mm
scoring ± 0,10 mm
etching ± 10%
Hole tolerance (press-fit) ± 0,05 mm
Quality management UL certified
Cross-section imaging
Measuring machine for size precision
automatised optical inspection (AOI)
Specials blind vias
buried vias
press-fit - with back drilling
controlled impedance
side plating (metal plating edges, half-holes)
deep routing
jump scoring
BGA Raster 0,5mm