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COVID 19 Statement

As a business, we are constantly reviewing any potential risks caused by COVID 19. In particular for our employees, customers and the continued supply of our products we have implemented special activities and maintain operations.

There is currently no shut down of our own factories.
Expansion of cable confectioning capacity

Purchase of an additional, fully automated wire processing machine (Komax AG) along with some smaller machines. As a result, Limitor raised its production capacity and flexibility in the cable confectioning process during thermal protector production.
New injection moulding machine

Purchase of an additional plastic injection molding machine to complete the process of a 100% internal production ability and optimize the vertical range of manufacture.
Limitor Solutions

Foundation of the Limitor Solutions GmbH as an additional member of the Limitor company group. The Limitor Solutions GmbH was founded to enable a clear separation between EU and Non-EU products. In addition, it is our purpose to open up new market segments and also to strengthen and support our production as the Limitor-brand.
Expansion of production capacity

Expansion of the Limitor production site in Pecs from 800 up to 2700 square meters in order to increase our capacity of production significantly.
Plastic injection moulding from 3.30.2017

The successful start to produce the plastic housings for our Thermal switches by ourselves will clearly increase the vertical integration in our company.

Essential benefit, besides control of costs, will be the clearly improved flexibility. The approved technology of company Engel will be applied.
PowerTrack CAN Keypad explained… in a 90-second video

Blink Marine proudly presents PowerTrack: a new CAN Keypad with rotary encoder that has been designed for the specialty vehicle and marine markets.

PowerTrack makes it easy to navigate different display functions, selecting them with a push of the knob. Six different quick-pick buttons allow you to set up “shortcuts” for your most frequently-used operations. See Youtube-video:
New dispensing machine

To further optimize the potting quality in our thermal switch production we deployed our new dispensing machine in December 2015.

We were able to rely on the proven and advanced technology of the manufacturer bdtronic.
New fully automatic crimping machine

With the acquisition of an additional fully automatic machine for lead wire assembly, Komax Gamma 255 type, we are expanding our machine park.

Thus we are able to respond more quickly and flexible to individual customer requests for larger quantities.