Limitor -

We are a german company with headquarters in Urbach (near Stuttgart) with a production plant in Pécs, Hungary

We guarantee short delivery times with our own logistics.

Our area of expertise covers the following technologies:

  • Assembly of different elements down to the smallest components
  • Manufacturing equipment design and production
  • Wire confection and crimping, cable harness
  • Soldering with robots or hand
  • Welding with welding automats
  • Electric testing and measuring from small voltage range up to hi-pot testing
  • Thermic measurements with special ovens/temperature tunnels
  • Printing of components with pad printer, inkjet or laser marking.
  • Sealing of components
  • etc.

All activities are monitored and controlled by our production management and quality department.

Soldering machines:

  • Soldering robots for automatised tip soldering
  • Reflow soldering
  • Hand soldering stations

Test equipment:

  • Temperature test ovens
  • Hi-Pot testers
  • Conductivity test workstations
  • Voltage- and resistance measurement

Automatic cable confectioning:

  • Automatic wire cutting and confection
  • Manual, semi-automatic and full automatic crimping
  • Komax, Schleuniger, Molex brand machines and tools

Potting machine:

  • bdtronic 2-component dispensing machine

Plastic moulding machines:

  • Engel plastic moulding machines - NEW

Welding machines:

  • Programmable SERRA welding automats

Marking and Printing equipment:

  • Keyence and ELECTROX Laser markers - NEW
  • DOMINO inkjet printer
  • TECA pad printing machine

Manual assembly workstations:

  • Ergonomical facilities, trained personnel and pleasant work environment ensure top quality